Thursday, July 3, 2014

Organize your email inbox in record time - Ah-mazing!

I am drowning in junk mail daily. I have 3 active e-mail addresses.  Is that too many? One of them is primarily for signing up for log-ins throughout the internet so that I don't have to bombard my regular e-mail with spam for the rest of my life. (Unless I'm really into the site I'm signing up on, then I'll use my normal e-mail so the system kind of breaks down after 5-10 log-ins.)

I don't know why I thought that was a good idea. I still have to check that e-mail at least once a day to clear out the 30-50 e-mails I get for soliciting traffic to their site. And going through each one to click "unsubscribe" seems like way more work that just deleting them all, everyday. Ugh.

Until I stumbled upon this AH-MAZING site! Once your e-mail address in entered, it scans through all of your subscprition and populates a list for you.  Unsubscribing just became as simple as a scroll and click for all of your annoying e-mail lists at once.

This was my regular e-mail scan. I really had no idea that I had signed up for so many things with it.
After 5 clicks, the site prompts you to "share with a friend" via Facebook, e-mail, or Twitter before you can continue. What a small price to pay for organizing your inbox in record breaking time! 

I'm now down to a few e-mails per day, per address.  Totally doable. 

Do you drown in spam email, too? 

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