Friday, August 1, 2014

Magic Stain Remover and 5 years of stains gone

Meet Singing Baby. She's been part of our family for 5 1/2 years. She's also never seen a good cleaning for the same amount of time. 

As her name suggests, she used to play light lullabies when you pulled her string.  Used to, as in she has been broken for about 2 1/2 years. With her music box inside her head, it wasn't as if she could get thrown into the washer like all of the other stuffed animals, so she became... disgusting. And she would have been tossed right out with the trash years ago, it is wasn't for a lovey attachment from infancy.

Today was the day that I could no longer stand to look at her brown wings and stained up face. She would undergo surgery today and get washed!

 It began with a careful incision along the back of her neck. I used the seam that I could easily stitch back up without problems or being too noticeable. It was a pretty easy ripout with a seam ripper and only took a few minutes.

It was a bit harder getting the music box out of her head, but it finally gave in and popped out. In it's place, a little extra stuffing and she got sewed right back up. Fitz was worried about the whole ordeal, but was surprisingly happy with her "scar".

Notice the horrible state of her wings in the head surgery picture. YUCK!

Here's the secret to getting just about any stains out,  even 5 year old dirt and grime.
Magic Stain Remover: 
     1 part Dawn dish soap
     2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide

I always mix up however much I need (usually a small dipping container) as I need it and apply it with a toothbrush. It doesn't take much scrubbing with fresh stains, but I scrubbed her wings for a minute a piece. 

I knew this stain remover was amazing with things like strawberry, juice, grass, etc. but I wasn't fully convinced it would work for this type of long-lasting stain. 

I was so pleasantly surprised when she came out almost like new. And even happier that she can now be washed on a fairly regular basis so it doesn't happen again!

I've even used this one on the carpet and it totally worked!

Never again will I let a broken music box keep me from cleaning a toy or stuffed animal again!

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