Tuesday, July 8, 2014

20 reasons baby wipes are my all-time favorite thing

I often find myself wondering, "What did I do before baby wipes?" Do you? They are an all-purpose product that I can't see giving up when diaper duty is over.

I use them for everything.

  1. They are the go-to for messy hands and faces after meals.
  2. Quick counter wipe downs in the bathroom. 
  3. Wiping runny noses, especially when they get raw from regular tissue.
  4. Cleaning the car dashboard.
  5. Makeup remover (or keeping it real, wiping away the old mascara from under my eyes in the morning).
  6. That restaurant table you are leery about putting the cheerios on. 
  7. Cleaning the spit-up that just happened down your shirt.
  8. Works to clean off the crayon from the wall, bathroom vanity, toy chest, etc. 
  9. Gets the grossness off of the laptop keyboard.
  10. Wipes the yogurt or applesauce out of hair.
  11. Cleans ink and marker off skin.
  12. Smoothing down fly-away hairs.
  13. Wiping down the kitchen table and high chair.
  14. Dusting tables (great for little hands to help without the chemicals). 
  15. Spot mopping. 
  16. Cleaning the inside window ledge that gets so dirty.
  17. Cool wipe down after some time in the heat. 
  18. Getting flung food off table legs and chairs. 
  19. Quick wipe up of spills.
  20. Cleaning up dry erase boards after too many uses. 
I have packages stashed in nearly every corner of my house so its just an arm's reach away when needed. 

How are baby wipes loved around your house? 

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