Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why we stick to a strict bedtime

How do you handle bedtime? It can be a tricky subject with it comes to parents.  Some have a laissez faire attitude toward it and others hold a strict regimen. Since Fitz has been a few months old, we have always leaned more toward the strict regimen. 7:00 is bedtime. It's something we have stuck to with Monkey and are looking forward to getting on schedule with for M.

We leave places to get home for bedtime. We end movies for bedtime. We make sure baths and dinner are done before bedtime.

It's hard. I'd never say it isn't. 7:00 is early, especially during the summer months, or when my husband doesn't get home until 6:30 from a long day at work. But we stick with it for important reasons.


Our girls know what to expect at 7:00 every night. Fitz and Monkey are two of the most active kids I've met. All day long it's GO GO GO. By 6:00, both of them start running low on energy and listening skill but will fight with everything they have to keep going, which of course leads to meltdowns. It helps us keep our cool to know that soon they will be in bed, and it helps them to know that soon the fight will be over (whether or not they want it to be). 

*On very special occasions we will let bedtime slip and will struggle through the tantrums and grouchy attitudes, but it is almost always with regret by 7:45. It just doesn't work for our family at this time.

Alone Time

Whether it is much needed alone time with yourself after a rough day, or alone time together, we cherish this time every night. It gives us a chance to talk without interruptions, watch whatever we want, or sometimes eat without our food getting cold. 

I think this is an important part of a happy marriage as well. Many days end with exhaustion and/or frustration and spending time with the husband is calming and refreshing for both of us. 

Morning Routine

When my girls get enough sleep overnight, they wake up happy. If they wake up happy, we all have a better beginning to our day; I do not do well dealing with fits and whining first thing in the morning. 

We've caught a lot of flack about our unwillingness to change our schedule over the years. As the girls grow and become more involved in activities, we will have to change but for now this is what helps keep the sanity in our house. 

Are you flexible with bedtimes or hold firm? How does it work with your family? 


  1. Thank you so much for this topic. I found your blog through your link on Kate's page (small things). I am a "strict" bedtime mommy and sometimes I know my family even my husband doesn't get it. But my 9 month old sleeps great most of the time 11-12 hrs straight so I know it is what is best for her and us. She goes to bed at 7 as well. I feel like I am constantly defending her bedtime to my family and friends. Thanks for sharing I feel like someone finally understands!

    1. Yay! I'm so glad to here we're not the only ones that feel this way!


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