Sunday, July 27, 2014

My favorite things: GIVEAWAY!!

I knew when I hit 1000 views, I'd want to celebrate with a little something. I'm a little surprised, but very thankful, by how quickly it happened! What better way to live it up than with a Favorite Things list + a $20 Target card GIVEAWAY!

This is what I'm loving this month:
1. Fresh Market Thermal by Thirty One. Living 45 minutes from the closest grocery store makes buying frozen food during the hot summer months really hard. Usually by the time the bags are being unloaded into the house, the frozen pizza is bendable and the ice cream is starting to drip. It's terrible. I started throwing the Fresh Market Thermal in the back of my car and when I'm loading the car, all frozen food bags get put together in the thermal. Even without an ice pack, the food helps keep each other cold enough to make it home without melting! 

2. Time in a Bottle for Eyes by Philosophy. After my post about eye creams, I took my search to Sephora to ask for some help. I knew I wanted something infused with Vitamin C to help brighten and looked at 4 different options. I chose this one based on the recommendation of the woman helping me. After only a week of use, I am in love with how it seems to be working. Look for the Time in a Bottle Duo  which comes with a .85 fl oz Time in a Bottle + .5 fl Time in a Bottle for Eyes for a little more than just Time in a Bottle for Eyes. 

3. Rock 'n Play Sleeper by Fisher-Price. M slept in this for the first 6 weeks in our room. I think she really liked the close feeling with the sides that wrap up around their bodies. The last few days, she's had a stuffy nose from the up and down weather and letting her nap in the Rock 'n Play has helped keep her head elevated enough to allow her to breath better. Better napping = happier baby! 

4. Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family Channel.  Do you watch this show? OMG, I'm hooked! I've watched since half-way through season 1 and I thoroughly look forward to Tuesday nights every single week, 5 seasons later. The twists, turns, and unexpected surprises keep you guessing and questioning everything you think you know. It's been a roller coaster of emotions over characters and couples, but it's a roller coaster I love riding! #ErziaForever 

5. Tie Not as seen on Shark Tank. I saw this product on Shark Tank a few weeks ago (I think it was a re-run?) and could not believe that the sharks did not go for it. It looked genius and I knew I had to have it! It is a water balloon filler that hooks onto a water hose or sink faucet, with a "tie stick" attached. After filling the balloon, a spin of the full balloon and a quick pull leaves you with a tied water balloon without any sore fingers. It's seriously that easy and fast, love it! 

Of course my favorite place to shop is Target, so I'm sending a $20 gift card to a lucky reader! 

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The drawing will be Wednesday, August 30th. 

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